"Sustainable Development?"

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Subject: Re: [nonserv] Latvian president farthest down the road to  making radical Neocon argument
From: David McDivitt <david@nonspiritual.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:06:40 -0500

No, it definitely goes toward population centers. In colonial times, money went from new territories to Europe, which had population centers. The West is encroaching into the East, today. All Western powers seek to participate in exploitation of underdeveloped countries. All do that. I do not mean to use the word "exploitation" in a bad way or with moral overtones. The word is descriptive, only. What socialist countries of the West do is conceal their intent and their dealings by speaking through use of concepts such as human rights and sustainable development, in terms of the countries being exploited. By spewing moral language they effectively defocus from their actions, create a false moral environment, and cause those who pursue wealth straightforwardly and non hypocritically to appear immoral. There's plenty of deception to go around. Enterprise in the United States has also been deceptive in many instances. However, the primary focus of American business is plainly stated to be money, while the primary focus of some other countries is stated as moral premises with regard to mankind, yet they exploit underdeveloped countries just the same. This is not rocket science. We know for a certainty the world is not driven by moralism. The world is driven by people pursuing their wants and needs, and making money. Unless money flows and someone profits, nothing happens. So, accepting that as a given and working backwards, sustainable development is a farce, and those who speak in such terms are either extremely stupid or are purposely deceptive.

Within the United States, every state which has one or more large population center has the same political issue with regard to rural areas. Laws are made favoring population centers because they sway the vote, and socialist policies are enacted by populist politicians. Tax revenues and other resources go to population centers, and people in rural areas pay taxes directly supporting population centers with no equitable return for the money being paid.

When world government comes about, as it will some day, it is important that the United States negotiate strongly in terms of its own interests and values, and not simply lay down to European socialism. It would be nice if socialist and left leaning leaders in this country would consider the heritage and values of the United States, that individualism and freedom add value to human existence, and not seek to give these things up for the sake of a vote.

>From: Daniel Davis <xxxxx@yahoo.com>
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 01:11:54 -0700 (PDT)
>--- David McDivitt <david@nonspiritual.com> wrote:
>> Those wanting state sovereignty come from rural and less
>> populated areas. Population centers grow increasingly larger, gain more
>> political influence, and vote more policy in their favor. More resources are
>> drawn from other areas to support population centers.
>My understanding is that the flow of resources is in the other direction - from
>urban states to rural states.

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