"Terrorists, Step Children of Left"

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Subject: Re: do you support killing?
From: David McDivitt <david@nonspiritual.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:06:16 -0500

Killing and war are a part of human existence and always have been. Humanity may eventually evolve away from that. It is inappropriate to assume the moral premise killing is wrong in any circumstance, while killing and war still go on in the human race as a whole. As it continues to happen we are bound and compelled to participate, unfortunately. For instance if a murderer comes into your house, if you want life you must participate in murder yourself and kill the murderer. Morality stated out of sync with the capability of mankind to entreat it, is idiocy.

Terrorists are the ugly step children of the left, brought into being by their enabling of bad behavior. Even after horrendous acts of terrorism, the left still will not stand up and say those who do terrorist acts are wrong, and will not say terrorism is wrong. Oh, they are underprivileged. They are disenfranchised. They were denied sufficient opportunity. But, as we defend ourselves, the left says we are wrong in so doing. Why is it one class of people can kill and the left says it's OK and understandable, but if another class of people kills it is wrong? If killing is wrong, then all who kill are wrong. If killing is OK for some, then by the same token, killing is OK if we do so to defend ourselves.

He shot me, mommy. Can I please have permission to shoot him back? Please, mommy, please.

If you want to sacrifice your life and property for the sake of ideology, you have the right to do that. You cannot however compel me and other people to sacrifice, too.

The Israelies were given a section of land by the British which was sanctioned by the UN. Violence ensued immediately. Now, after forty-five years of violence, those on the left say Israel should never have been given that land. There. Problem solved. The problem is solved by saying there should never have been a problem. Anything and everything the Palestinians do, or the Islamic community does, is OK, because it never should have happened to begin with. That's it. That's the sum total of their argument.

The United States is a great nation. There are those who would destroy what we have out of spite and envy. Saying they are underprivileged is not good enough. Taking my money and giving it to them, to help them, because they are too stupid to help themselves is not good enough, either. I will not pay people money and be held hostage because of terrorism.

The religious right in this country needs to take a good long look at Islamic fundamentalism. The religious right at one time side it was god's will to have slaves. The religious right at one time said god made women less than men and women should keep their place. The religious right needs to see Islamic fundamentalism for what it is, which is themselves, multiplied ten-fold. By understanding and admitting our own bigotry, maybe we can understand Islamic fundamentalism a little better. In the meantime however, if they seek to kill us we have every right to kill them. We at least have the right to offer them a better form of existence so we do not have to kill them.

Oh, but they don't really want to kill us. Oh, if we would just leave them alone they would leave us alone. Really? The world is shrinking through technology. We have no choice but to learn to get along together. We have no choice but to interact. Whose standards are better? Shall we adopt their standards or keep our own?

I will be happy when I see the left start leaning on the Islamic community for their bigotry and intransigence, rather than criticize us only, while they drive their expensive cars which burn gasoline. If bigotry exists, then let's name all bigotry, and quit enabling it.

>To: agendas@todiscuss.com
>Subject: do you support killing?
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>Subject: Support Military Families and Veterans? Call for an end to the occupation in Iraq!
>Note: Time and location change
>Support Military Families and Veterans' Call for an end to the occupation in Iraq!
>Wednesday, April 14
>12:45pm - Meet at National Press Club to march to the White House
>United for Peace and Justice and CODEPINK, the nation's largest antiwar coalitions, calls on President Bush and the United States Congress to immediately halt the escalating violence in Iraq. On Wednesday, April 14th Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) and Veterans for Peace, and members of United for Peace and Justice and CODEPINK, will bring this message directly to the White House: it is time to end the Occupation in Iraq, it is time to Bring the Troops Home!
>In the first 12 days of April there were 76 U.S. troops and more than 700 hundred Iraqis killed, and there is no end in sight. Meanwhile the Administration is talking about increasing the U.S. presence, sending more troops -- including National Guard and Reserves -- to fight in a war that is based on lies. The military occupation of Iraq is the problem, not the solution, and increasing the U.S. presence will only lead to the deaths of more U.S. service people and more Iraqis.
>On Wednesday, April 14 Military Families , Veterans, including a veteran of the Iraq War, and Iraqi-Americans will come together to say "End the Violence, End the Occupation, End the War, Bring The Troops Home Now!" At a press conference at the National Press Club they will call on military families, veterans, and others across the country to demand that their elected officials move immediately to bring an end to the war in Iraq. Following the press conference, the delegation will proceed to the White House to deliver letters to President Bush from military families in every part of the nation, and to leave flowers and petals in remembrance of all who have lost their lives in a war that should never have happened. The delegation will also be joining in a day-long fast in memory of all who have lost their lives and who have been wounded as a result of this reckless military misadventure.
>Join us to fast and/or to help lay down flowers at the White House gates in remembrance of over 600 U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqis killed in the war. Space is limited at the Press Club so the DC community is encouraged to meet military families and supporters outside the press club at 12:45pm to carry flowers over the White House. Please bring friends and co-workers.
>Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2004
>Time: 12noon Press Conference (limited seating)
>12:45 General public encouraged to meet at the National Press Club, 529 14th St., NW (Metro Center) to join procession to White House.
>Press Calls should be directed to Katya Kruglak (703) 304-5075

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