"Dan Rather and CBS"

Dan Rather admits the documents are fake, but verbatim says the editorial content of the story is true. On what basis? CBS already had their opinion in advance, they wanted to do such a story, so they manufactured something to facilitate that story. It was no risk, really. CBS assumed their prestige and reputation would overshadow any questions regarding the documents. Maybe their incentive was a warped sense of good. Whereas Dan Rather continues to stand by the editorial content of the story, and in their drive to be cynical and pessimistic, any evidence at all to support their negative view may have seemed appropriate - even false evidence. If so, it is dismal morality. The problem is not ethics, but morality. Because CBS thinks it is good to facilitate an opinion by manufacturing truth, CBS has different values than I have. It is more than just an opinion held by CBS, though. It is an ideology. They are left leaning and plainly demonstrate a desire to put forth a leftist perspective. This has gone on for years, and years, and years, for the most part without being challenged. Now it has been challenged. The media shall not be the same.
We need the right and the left. We need dialectic. We need debate. We do not need propaganda.

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