"Exporting Americanism"

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Subject: Re: [JBirch] That giant sucking sound (fwd)
From: David McDivitt <david@nonspiritual.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:13:15 -0600

I have done a lot of thinking about this subject, as well as others where I am. As a consultant doing analyst work and programming, an influx of cheap labor from abroad, namely India, has driven wages down considerably. I have taken a 30% pay cut. Others have taken more.

Decisions must be made. In time we will have a one-world government. I'm not saying I favor that, but recognize the inevitability. The decision to be made then, is not whether to have a one-world government, but how soon to give in and begin negotiation in the process. When such comes, I want it to have as much American influence as possible, possibly dominated by American principles. Sitting back with isolationism means we are not participating and lose out. Rather than cede our liberties away, we must negotiate now with strength and sway things in our favor.

Europe remains dominated by religious influence, taxing citizenry to directly support the church. There is a strong bond in Europe between religion and government. If you want to know where nanny-state liberalism comes from, it comes from posturing of religious establishments in Europe who seek to remain in power. The U.S. is different. Europeans do not like the U.S. because we are materialistic, individualistic, and we do not honor their old-school ideological snobbery.

In Europe it is not all Christian. The French for instance do not wish to offend many Moslems in that country, as a class, and as a religion, further illustrating religious influence. French meddling in the Middle East is historical and well known, contributing significantly to problems seen there today.

Everything that touches the United States takes on an air of Americanism. People may be coming here, but we in turn are exporting Americanism back where they came from. There is one language accepted as a de facto international language, and it is English. In many countries, learning English in school as a second language is mandatory. Are we forced to learn other languages here? No. That says a lot for American influence around the world.

I do not want the European model of democracy. I do not want their subtle yet firm liberalism whereby they continue paying dues to monarchs and religious leaders.

Not by isolationism, but through perseverance of American ideals will we one day see Canada as America to the north, Mexico as America to the south, European America, and Asian America. When we do have a one-world government it will be one dominated by American ideals. Short term we may seem to lose by letting so many come here, but in the long run we win. It is not us necessarily, but our founding fathers, who in their wisdom established this country as they did.

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